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Unusual eco-jewellery made from recycled sterling silver, fair trade gold & sustainable materials. 

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About Juna.

Raddy Juna

store owner, designer

Thank you for visiting. Juna is a jewellery studio based in Brighton, set up by Raddy Juna in 2013.

We mainly use recycled sterling silver and occasionally fair trade silver & gold. Our aim is to create beautiful, lasting pieces that will stay with you for a long time- We don't care much for fast fashion and believe that buying less but good quality items is the way forward. Most of our designs are fairly simple and classy so they can be easily combined with other bits. Although we are all up for consuming less we understand that sometimes 'more is more & less is a bore', as our favourite Iris Apfel says, and nothing else than a gipsy combo featuring loads of jewellery will do. 

Some of our items are still made from a combination of 100% recycled metals & conventional sterling silver but we are working very hard to change this and be as ethical and sustainable as possible. 


Mira Mira by Makena

3 Gardner Street, Brighton, UK

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